L10N is exhibited in Google Developer Day 2011 Japan!!

L10N is exhibited in Google Developer Day 2011 Japan Developer Sandbox.It will be held in Pacifico Yokohama on November 01. Come over to our place!

Welcome to L10N Beta

About L10N Beta

L10N Beta helps you localize apps into other languages.

Are you using your favorite apps every day? If those apps are not available in your mother tongue, please translate them with this app and send the results to the developers.All you have to do is select your favorite app, translate it, and send the result to the developer.If you have trouble typing texts on your Android tablet, you can continue your translation on your web browser(Continue Translation).
Most developers hope to support other languages in their apps, but it is not an easy task.You contribution will surely be appreciated.

This app aims to shorten the distance between app users and developers and make both of them happy.Try it out!

L10N Beta needs Android(over 3.0) Tablet.

Try out Translation!

  1. Open Android market on your tablet.
  2. Search and install L10N Beta (This app will not be displayed on the Android market of unsupported devices).
  3. Start the app. And select an app you want to translate.
  4. Select the language into which you want to translate the app. And push "Translate" button.
  5. A list of phrases is displayed, and now you can translate each phrase. You can also use "Google Translation" and "Voice Recognition".

You can save translation data in progress to the server by pushing "Save to server" on the app. Click "Continue Translation" on this page to continue your translation on the Web browser.
Saved data on Web browser can also import by "load from the server" on app.

After you complete the translation, please send the translation to the developer by "Send to the developer" button on app.If your translation is incorporated into the application, then other users of the same language will appreciate you!

For App Developers

You have another approach about your app translation: integrate libandrotranslation into your app. This library enables the users to translate your app just like L10N. The app users don't need to install L10N separately.

libandrotranslation is an open-source library.